Iterates [verb]

Definition of Iterates:

say again

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Sentence/Example of Iterates:

The goal is to have a really strong platform where campaigns then come in and innovate and iterate and be like little experiment labs.

Let’s see how the app evolves as the government now wants to actively iterate on TousAntiCovid to make it more attractive.

Part of the reason is that what starts out as dumb slowly iterates into something that is very smart.

Films and literary texts have been the more studied genres where same-sex agency has been iterated and reinforced.

A former colleague of Sahin’s, Xi Chen, is iterating on nature in an attempt to produce an artificial protein that is even more water-responsive than the shell of the original bacterial spores.

We are continually iterating our onboarding because it has to be unique, it has to be prescriptive, it has to be well documented.

They’ll cover topics like how to craft a pitch deck, how to raise your first dollars or how to iterate your product.

Joan made up her mind to iterate in person to the English the warnings she had given them in her letter.

To repeat these things in the ears of well read Catholics, is to iterate a thrice-told tale.

All they could do was to iterate their master's maxim, and declare everything to be in flux.