Iterative [adjective]

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This is an iterative process — “sandbox” in software parlance refers to a testing environment, after all.

They used an iterative approach, having two neural nets battle it out—one for image recognition, and the other for generating adversarial attacks.

One important ingredient for achieving this is a technology stack that can support these iterative processes, but Koenig said you also need to develop clear-cut processes to empower content creators.

For those who want to attempt some heavy PageRank shifting, it’s important to take an iterative approach to your internal link edits.

Studied verses undoubtedly—musical, and mournful, and iterative.

He knows his own mind, and hammers his doctrines out with a hard and iterative stroke that hits its mark.

The style is that of the pulpit, iterative, florid, and full of amplifications; but that was natural.