Itinerants [noun]

Definition of Itinerants:

person who moves to a foreign place

Synonyms of Itinerants:

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Sentence/Example of Itinerants:

Unknown, and in silence, they were domiciliated in courts and in families, throughout all nations; and some roamed as itinerants.

People of intelligence are growing tired of the platitudes of the pulpit—the iterations of the itinerants.

On his first round he stopped at "Squire Scrub's," as all other itinerants had done before him.

The Friars Mendicant were discovered to be in league with her, and these itinerants were ready-made missionaries of sedition.

The church then began its career with seven itinerants and Bishop Allen as the exponents of a new thought.

The distribution proposed, would admit of these itinerants seeing their children once in the year.

Anything beyond the three R's was generally taught by itinerants.

Such is the sterling material out of which the early Itinerants were made.

Both himself and wife were members of the church, and their house the home of Itinerants.

We had known this people as it seldom falls to the lot of Itinerants to know a people.