Its [adjective]

Definition of Its:

belonging to individual

Synonyms of Its:

Opposite/Antonyms of Its:


Sentence/Example of Its:

Jack probably learned more about the Bible during that trip-its history and its heroes-than during all his former years.

The world had nothing more to give him now except that which he had already long possessed-its honor and its love.

Didn't Wolfe say that he would rather have written what's-its-name than taken Quebec?

My heart just sank like a lump of what's-its-name, but my whole soul went out in sympathy for her.

Then Billings, who was already gasping like a jolly what's-its-name, dropped upon the arm of the chair and held his side.

Fact is, I always want it as black as the what's-its-name cave, or else I can't sleep.

Slowly his hand came out, and dash me if it wasn't shaking like he had the delirium what's-its-name.

Fact is, things had just suddenly spun round before me like a merry what's-its-name.

Just a gasp, you know; and my jolly cheeks stung as from a dash of fiery what's-its-name sauce.

And she looked so white—white as the driven what's-its-name, you know—that I felt my devilish heart go out to her a bit.