Jabbering [verb]

Definition of Jabbering:

talk incessantly and trivially

Synonyms of Jabbering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jabbering:

Sentence/Example of Jabbering:

The sailors crept up one by one, but they only gathered in a jabbering knot, and scowled at the Englishman heavily.

Hardly had we gone two more blocks when the screaming and jabbering monkey fell upon us.

On shore, we were at once surrounded by a mob of jabbering Hatiens, speaking—well, its hard to say just what.

Instantly they began to crowd round him, a dozen jabbering all at once.

We could hear them shouting, screaming, and jabbering, and the dogs barking.

There was still more delighted jabbering and excited comment.

It was a general fouling match, and the jabbering was terrific.

It is an over-populated colony of jabbering and quarrelsome monkeys, who fancy they are men.

Kim ducked under a Mewar camel-driver's greasy armpit and cannoned off a covey of jabbering Sikh matrons.

There was a great deal of jabbering, vociferation, and action, but neither of them struck or hurt the other.