Jabot [noun]

Definition of Jabot:

neck attire

Synonyms of Jabot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jabot:


Sentence/Example of Jabot:

The tears slid down her cheeks, and dropped on her smart tailored waist and her Irish lace jabot, and she didn't care a bit.

Kiss me good night, and help me with my cloak, so that I shall not muss all this lace jabot.

He wore the usual sable-coloured clothes which he affected, with the primly-folded jabot and cuffs edged with narrow lace.

Taking the diamond pin from his lace jabot he hid it under his vest, which he buttoned to the necktie.

Emma McChesney straightened her collar and jabot with a jerk, and sat up.

The old Duke wore a jabot and ailes-de-pigeon, the old Countess a hoop, and a cushion on her head.

Her face was not plainly visible, her head having dropped forward until the chin nestled in the lace jabot at her throat.

It was terrible to see Sue blanch and blench; to watch the fluttering of her lace jabot as her bosom heaved beneath.

They came from Peru, and danced the mazurka in green jackets with a jabot!

A calico dress of pronounced hue, a large lace jabot, and a small pair of yellow kid gloves were spread out for inspection.