Jackanapes [noun]

Definition of Jackanapes:

spoiled child

Synonyms of Jackanapes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jackanapes:


Sentence/Example of Jackanapes:

That accomplished, I shall arrest the Dowager and her son and every jackanapes within that castle.

You pestilent young jackanapes, do you suppose I haven't noticed your idleness?

"Lest he take thee for one of his runaway jackanapes," answered the steward, smiling sourly.

In another letter he writes about "a jackanapes who has lately made a noise here, one Boswell, by anecdotes of Dr. Johnson."

No, Mr. Harry Jocelyn, you are not the jackanapes you try to make people think you: you understand me.'

Because a miserable, mad-brained jackanapes has dared to make an attack upon me and upon my child.

I refuse to waste more time arguing with this young jackanapes.

I dont know, but I suspect that young jackanapes back there of having something to do with it, was the reply.

"And by G—d I'll make that young jackanapes look a sight ere I take my hand off him," he retorted savagely.

And I'll stand by and watch it done, and say you deserve it for a couple of mischievous young jackanapes!