Jackass [noun]

Definition of Jackass:

a male donkey

Synonyms of Jackass:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jackass:


Sentence/Example of Jackass:

Then the boys over Jackass way and by the Crossing ought to see it for themselves.

To liken any one to a Jackass is to use very strong language.

Jackass Gulch had once been a rich and thriving surface-mining camp.

These small craft used to be called ‘Jackass’ frigates, but the ‘Dido’ showed that she was not a ‘Jackass’ at all events.

He's always primping with a pocket looking-glass, From the top to the bottom he's a bold Jackass.

But, let the impregnable Jackass think—what would become of the noble rhythm and the majestic roll of sound?

The Jackass, which is the third, obtained its English name from its brayings at night.

Twelve days subsequently I rode a day and a half to Jackass Meadow.

So he left the Boy in his den, and off he went after the Jackass.

For it is a biped and not a quadruped; not that as a biped "the Laughing Jackass" is by any means a lusus natur.