Jade [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Jade:

Frey was watching her and then he was glancing sideways to a little jade box that held cigarettes.

She blinked some more and then she reached out to the little jade box and took a cigarette.

Kano sat as she had left him, motionless, now, as the white jade vase within the tokonoma.

Here are found richly hand-carved furniture, splendid jade and malachite vases.

And so staid without a good while, and saw my Lady Peters, an impudent jade, soliciting all the Lords on her behalf.

For her wept every dame, for her wept every maid, All wept save Sophia, that vile wicked jade.

A tiny arrow, tipped with a jade point, and tufted with feathers, quivered in the plaster.

Many of these knives have silica blades, some of the handles being of jade.

The 'jade' referred to was the nabob's only daughter and heiress, who was, as all the town knew, to make a great match.

After some experience of the horse's paces, the king declared, "It was the heaviest, dull jade he ever bestrode."