Jaguars [noun]

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"Lanzi is not amiable to-day," the Jaguar observed, when he found himself alone with Carmela.

The Jaguar was hailed with shouts of joy, and all pressed round him with marks of the deepest interest.

The Jaguar cleverly profited by his advantages to attempt the most hazardous enterprises and the most daring strokes.

We have already described how they behaved in the Mexican camp; so we will follow the Jaguar at present.

The Jaguar raised his head quickly, as if he intended to answer, but his lips remained dumb.

The Jaguar's savage eye emitted a flash of fury; he bounded to his feet, and convulsively seized his rifle.

The Jaguar took it, examined it attentively, turning it over and over, and then prepared to break the seal.

Before the oath taken by the soldier, the Jaguar's suspicions at once faded away to make room for the most perfect confidence.

The last thing Woot the Monkey saw, as he glanced upward, was the Jaguar peering into the hole in astonishment.

THE jaguar (fig. 105) resembles the ounce in size, and nearly so in the form of the spots upon his skin, and in disposition.