Jailed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Jailed:

I see how maybe I could get me and Jim rid of the frauds; get them jailed here, and then leave.

Within six months, if you're not sandbagged or jailed on fake libel suits, you'll have a unique bibliography of swindles.

Her brother Bob was jailed again on Christmas day for drawin a gun on one of the Groudys.

Former laborers had fled or had been conscripted, jailed, or killed.

That was a good move—getting Ludlow and the two Helgersons jailed.

They lived on boiled potatoes and bacon, suffering like prisoners—jailed innocently.

Antón is certain to be caught by the police, and those followers of his will be jailed too if they ever show their faces again.

Think of a man being jailed for seventeen years because his case was not reversed on account of the failure to except.

He was glad to hear that Stiger had been jailed, and sorry that Henry Parker had been wounded.

Henry Ogle, a late member of Parliament, caused him to be jailed and put under bond to answer the sessions.