Jambs [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Jambs:

Once I got things set, I marked where the hinges met the jamb.

Her chum leaned against the door jamb while peal after peal of laughter shook her.

He had come nearer, and now, before the woman could shut the door, he thrust his foot between it and the jamb.

The wall switch for the electric light in the lower hall at the headquarters was right beside the outer door jamb—as I knew.

It perplexed even Jellia Jamb, for a time, to know what to do with the animal.

He leaned against the door-jamb and indulged in bitter reflections.

Suddenly our right gun misfired—we had got a jamb and one gun was out of action.

The Secret Service man was intently examining the floor, the jamb around the door, and the casing of the port-hole.

"Here you are," said the Secret Service man, indicating a brown stain on the door jamb.

He absolutely reeled, and would have tumbled headlong had he not, by chance, staggered back against the jamb of the door.