Jangle [noun]

Definition of Jangle:

cacophony of noises

Synonyms of Jangle:

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Sentence/Example of Jangle:

I have everywhere remarked that the Indians jangle and threaten a great deal, but that they never go beyond that.

The clocks of the city struck six in a solemn jangle of tones.

Tabret and viol jangle harshly in the ears that have rioted in melodies made by fairy harpers.

The keys seemed to jangle like thunder as I tried them one after the other on the drawer where I had seen him put away the gold.

The weather held good, and late that night the camp heard the jangle of bells as Mr. Starr drove over to the stables.

Of a sudden the stillness of the night was broken into by a tuneless and discordant jangle of pealing bells.

The jangle of a halberd as its bearer let the butt drop heavily on the stone steps added force to the summons.

She heard the jangle of far-away bells, and the muffled voice of the guard calling the departing trains.

Then the tempo quickened; the grid of wires in the mouth aperture behind its parted lips vibrated with a faint jangle.

The staring eye-sockets showed wavering beams of red; the grid of tiny wires back of the parted lips vibrated with a faint jangle.