Janitor [noun]

Definition of Janitor:

person who cleans and maintains

Synonyms of Janitor:

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Sentence/Example of Janitor:

Relisha Rudd, then 8, was last seen with Kahlil Malik Tatum, a janitor at the shelter.

At Miller’s high school, there were a handful of janitors for this very large student population, and they were mostly people of color.

There were numerous instances, not just in high school but also in college, where he would throw his trash or leave his trash out and encourage others to do the same, saying, “This is what we have the janitors here to do.”

That led the late downtown Alderman Burton Natarus to describe himself as a ward janitor, while former council progressive Joe Moore called the body a Midwestern version of the Soviet politburo.

MTS officers once violently arrested an Iraqi immigrant for trespassing at a trolley station, even though he was a janitor reporting for work.

The janitor should wash the clothes-racks with the acid bichloride solution every time he sweeps.

As Genevieve hoped would be the case, the janitor had not finished his nightly duties.

Say, the janitor service in this old ark is something I couldn't describe to a gentleman.

He says th' more he practises medicine th' more he becomes a janitor with a knowledge iv cookin'.

"In most places like this, the office boy or the janitor does such work," said Harry.