Jape [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Jape:

The wink and gasp of Angus Jones as that flagrant vintage seared his throat ended the gentle jape as far as I was concerned.

It made a new game for him, you see, amusing and rather flattering as well, the kind of a jape he was all too apt at.

One of the smoking-room humorists mocked his accent and ventured a crude jape.

And when I say this, I do jape with words, and may hap ye understond me not.

I'm goin' to jape a bit with our friend, a' la 'Molly' Fairburn.

Then for a moment we fell to jape and jesting; foolishly, for the Gods are always listening, and the Desert-Gods have long ears.

Presently, when they heard him snoring, they began asking each other in whispers what jape they could play off on him.

This he met by expedient that will be historical, as affording Jokim opportunity for a popular jape.

I am very sure he is your enemy,” Brilliana answered, sharply, “for he makes you his daily jape.

He considered that he was level with me for my Peterborough jail-jape, and was much cheered.