Jauntier [adjective]

Definition of Jauntier:


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Sentence/Example of Jauntier:

"Leebie Granger is young," he went on insultingly, in a collected even voice which he strove to make jaunty in tone.

And when it is contented it seems to be smiling from the corners of its mouth to the jaunty little curl in its tail.

He came at a brisk pace, carrying his fifty-two years with a jaunty vigor that was the envy of many a younger man.

One day a man, wearing a jaunty silk hat, came into my office.

He stooped to kiss her, and then went off, whistling a jaunty air meant to indicate extreme cheerfulness.

"Delighted to be of any service, I'm sure," tapping his boots impatiently with a jaunty little cane.

Meyers spoke to a jaunty Pullman conductor who stood alongside the car where they had halted.

It takes a jaunty juvenility of spirit to wear a sailor suit properly, and she was not feeling that way these days.

With a jaunty air the two young men spat on their hands, gripped their axes, and sprang out along the base of the jam.

They did manage to get out after a time, however, and when they went back home they were anything but a jaunty-looking party.