Jaunts [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Jaunts:

If you don’t have a pet, lockdown without constant potty breaks or jaunts through the neighborhood can be even more contained.

A casual jaunt over to Mars no longer seems like a fantastical vision statement.

Doctors immediately criticized the jaunt outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, saying the president had put everyone inside the vehicle at risk.

Because I want the ability to leave my iPhone, and all its distractions, at home during my neighborhood jaunts.

As we’ll see, their union targets automating the elaborate dance between lenders and lawyers that turns what’s now a long journey into a digital jaunt.

Their journeyings were on the scale of a jaunt to Switzerland as compared with Mr. Norman's.

Usually when on a shooting jaunt of several hours from camp several porters go along to carry home the game.

I think we'll go for a jaunt, if you're ready, as the light falls quickly here.

This has been a long excursus, and we must get back to our jaunt on the plain.

“Why, this might be an up-the-river jaunt,” said Denham, as the appetising daintiness of each article of food revealed itself.