Javelins [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Javelins:

Which means however far you threw that javelin, it wasn’t far enough to get you all past her ex.

He tells me he has often seen him throw a javelin there, and strike a small mark at a surprising distance.

From the age of five to twenty-four years they are taught to use the bow, to throw the javelin, to ride, and to speak the truth.

Lightning gathered in a vast javelin and flamed down upon them.

A stone is slung and a javelin cast, though both fall short.

Ninyas hesitated; and once more his hand stole towards the javelin by the wall.

Early in the day one of the generals, a brave and just man, is pierced in the breast with a javelin.

Sarchedon too grasped a broad-headed javelin, prepared to hurl it at a moment's notice into the ranks of the enemy.

How he grinned and roared, and fought, with my javelin through his shoulder, and my arrow in his neck!

I tell thee, we will go down to battle side by side; together we will bend the bow and point the javelin.