Jawbone [noun]

Definition of Jawbone:

area under mouth

Synonyms of Jawbone:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jawbone:


Sentence/Example of Jawbone:

Think of Samson, who slew a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of an ass!

I have known rich Jawbone Janes to travel half across the continent to harangue a poor bunch of striking hunyaks.

Only as the challenged party I have the choice of weapons, and inasmuch as this is a hot day, I choose the jawbone.

Mr. Lesueur made a drawing of this jawbone, which is deposited in the library.

The wound in the neck, just beneath the jawbone, was still clasped by the hand of the unconscious man.

The skeleton astonished them by the prominence of the jawbone, the holes for the eyes, and the frightful length of the hands.

A Reigate resident advertises in a daily newspaper for the recovery of a human jawbone.

Will the wrath of God abide forever upon a man for doubting the story that Samson killed a thousand men with a new jawbone?

And at once the answer belched proudly from half-a-dozen throats in unison, "The jawbone of an ass."

At the bottom of the tub were found a jawbone with several teeth attached, some fingers, and other parts of a human body.