Jawing [noun]

Definition of Jawing:

bones of chin

Synonyms of Jawing:

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Sentence/Example of Jawing:

Lemberg and his team initially thought that Tiktaalik might have used crocodile-like snapping motions to eat, given the apparent similarity of their jaws.

The jaw came from a mosasaur living at the very end of the Cretaceous Period.

OpenAI’s GPT-3 algorithm collectively dropped jaws last year, both for its size—at the time, a record-setting 175 billion parameters—and its abilities.

Most arthropods have jaws similar to ours, called mandibles.

Neck massageIf you tend to clench your teeth to release stress, it’s very likely the muscles around your spine and right under your jaw feel stiff.

As a college player, Smith tops them all – more catches made, more yards gained, more jaws to the floor.

Those facts again came into focus last week when Krzyzewski said he wasn’t sure it was such a good idea to be playing college basketball with the world still stuck in the jaws of the coronavirus.

If someone you love has been complaining of headaches or a clenched jaw, send them a roller and tell them to keep it in the freezer.

Not only does it feature a swiveling clip system that attaches to anything the jaws will fit around, but it also has a surprisingly strong magnetic base.

American Alligators are often found lurking in ponds, rivers and swamps in Florida and have notoriously powerful jaws that clamp down heavily on their prey.