Jeans [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Jeans:

It really ain't safe for such pilgrims t' be cavortin' over the prairies with all that boodle in their jeans.

Sometime a book will be written about the Jeans of this war, the great friendships it has brought forth between men.

Major Parker was a brisk little man, clad in brindle jeans of ancient cut, resplendent with brass buttons.

"That's one way for 'em to get blue jeans," said the driver cryptically.

She was in jeans, maybe she was eighteen, maybe she was Rodan's daughter.

Now, added Mrs. Carruth, let us be seated and learn more definitely of Jeans escapade.

Jeans eyes were fixed upon his as though in his reply rested the verdict, and her fingers were clasped and unclasped nervously.

Well, he had on jeans pants and big mud boots and a big black hat kinda like men wear now.

He was once more dressed in mountain jeans and butternut, and at his side his swinging right hand clutched a repeating rifle.

He wore a suit of blue jeans evidently made in the domestic circle.