Jeering [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Jeering:

Aaron, who was sometimes called Henry but was generally known to baseball fans as Hank or “Hammerin’ Hank,” for his long-ball power, grew up in Alabama and never forgot the jeers he received while playing in the South during the days of segregation.

Augustus looked up at Mr Bellamy to find if he were jeering him; but he saw no reason to believe it.

A great wave of jeering laughter swept down the benches as the black monster passed.

Valeria, with her wonted capriciousness, veered round in defence of the institution that she had been just jeering at.

As he swept past the boy the cowboy had uttered a jeering yell.

Viewed in this light, this passage is a mere jeering at our incapacity.

What is better fitted than such a tribute to check the jeering scepticism of the crowd as to the ability and purity of the sex?

In the latter case, however, the punishment seems to have been inflicted for jeering.

It leaves everything to be understood without specifying anything; it is vague, jeering, insidious.

The jeering words and mocking manner of M. Verduret made Raoul turn deadly pale, and start back as if confronted by a phantom.