Jellylike [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Jellylike:

Shortly after the tadpole wriggles out of the jellylike case and begins life outside the egg.

The bodies had a strangely soft aspect, as though they were still jellylike.

The egg white begins to coagulate at 134 degrees Fahrenheit, and it becomes white and jellylike at 160 degrees.

This apparently foamy, jellylike, transparent material is the only living substance in all the world.

If a tender, jellylike consistency is wanted, cook the egg below the boiling point of water.

Boil until it assumes a jellylike appearance; strain, and season to suit the taste and condition of the patient.

It rippled and rose in the dark with the pulsing beat of the jellylike mass.

This consists of two huge masses filled with a jellylike substance, below the spine, and separated by a narrow median septum.

Cautiously approaching him, I saw by his dull and jellylike eye that he was dead.

The blood is dark in color, fluid, or only clotted into soft, jellylike masses.