Jeopardize [verb]

Definition of Jeopardize:


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Sentence/Example of Jeopardize:

College administrators have enacted inadequate protocols that have jeopardized the safety of their communities.

All asked that their names be withheld, to not jeopardize their employment.

If the agency is right, it could jeopardize SDG&E’s safety certificate and associated access to funding covering damage claims.

Combined with the interruption of outpatient services in hospitals and clinics, and socioeconomic changes that can lead to relapse, has experts worried the progress made so far on tackling the opioid crisis may be jeopardized.

Nonetheless, linear’s current importance can compromise networks’ willingness to make moves in streaming that may jeopardize their linear businesses.

It is necessary that I shall be considered a patriot of patriots, nothing must jeopardize such a character at the present time.

It would be impolitic to jeopardize his whole ambition by any deviation from the letter of the Erfurt agreement.

This was so, but only in so far as his actions would not jeopardize the peace of his own nation.

After all, if Diogenes chose to jeopardize his head, what was it to them?

An investigation would be decidedly humiliating to her, and also jeopardize her position at Hamilton.