Jeopardized [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Jeopardized:

This was apparently a complete somersault, for it meant that either Alexander must yield or the alliance would be jeopardized.

Meaning that he who has willingly jeopardized himself must extricate himself without assistance.

The inexperienced grub must not drive in its mandibles at random; its future is jeopardized if it gives a single ill-judged bite.

He did not suppose that they gave him a thought, other than those impelled by their jeopardized pockets.

This effectually dammed up the eastern outlet and jeopardized the interests of the port of Savannah to that degree.

A less self-contained woman would have been staggered by the sudden onslaught and felt her rule and dignity jeopardized.

There were nobles, both men and women, who jeopardized their titles and their lands.

Was her liberty, her freedom of action suddenly jeopardized?

No; to the last our country has fought and jeopardized herself for honor and glory and pre-eminence.

There is unity between the several parts; and none of them can be jeopardized without involving the ruin of the others.