Jeopardizing [verb]

Definition of Jeopardizing:


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Sentence/Example of Jeopardizing:

The remaining reels in the film will be devoted to Teddy chasing you with a 5·9 howitzer for jeopardizing his connubial happiness.

He had compelled Maison to disgorge the money without jeopardizing his own liberty.

Towering ruins loomed up on every hand, swaying in the breeze and jeopardizing life.

We abandoned our boat when we saw that by trying to hold on to it any longer we should be jeopardizing the steamer.

We shall not imitate the enemy, appropriating territory and jeopardizing the peace of the world.

Bill in the meantime saw that by staying where he was, he not only was risking his own life but was jeopardizing Smiths as well.

In his hip pocket was the weapon he had taken from Granger, but he could not reach for it without jeopardizing the girls life.

He would surely be incapable of jeopardizing the chances of such a desirable consummation.

We are jeopardizing the rights and liberties of future generations.

I can spend it without seriously jeopardizing the domestic balance.