Jeopardy [noun]

Definition of Jeopardy:

danger, trouble

Synonyms of Jeopardy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jeopardy:

Sentence/Example of Jeopardy:

Meanwhile, fears persist with Ginsburg gone that LGBTQ victories previously won at the Supreme Court will be in jeopardy.

Newark Beth Israel’s one-year survival rate for heart transplants had dipped, and if Young were to die too soon, the program’s standing and even its own survival might be in jeopardy.

She’d had a hard year, charged by troopers with damaging a vehicle in a case that was later dismissed but that had placed her law enforcement career in jeopardy.

The Public Advocates Office suspects if SDG&E doesn’t submit justification, it could put approval of its safety certificate in jeopardy.

Dominguez-Bello’s research collections have been in jeopardy many times, from political unrest when her lab was based in Venezuela to Hurricane Sandy after she’d moved her lab to New York University.

I am not fool enough to put my precious Naps in jeopardy, just when I am so deucedly in want of them, too.

How fervent their prayers for their companions in tribulation, when they themselves stood in jeopardy every hour!

In the former case man's most valued possession, his life, is in jeopardy, and his utmost powers are exerted for its preservation.

Um longed to return for her straw sandals, but this freedom of the night was already far too precious for jeopardy.

To try and compel them to pay was tantamount to placing liberty and even life in jeopardy.