Jerked [noun]

Definition of Jerked:

foolish person

Synonyms of Jerked:

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Sentence/Example of Jerked:

The upward jerking motion keeps fluid from dripping into the air below.

Jobs has been associated with a belief that his undoubted genius excused any kind of behavior, even to the point where many believe a founder actually has to be a jerk to be a genius.

Imagine you work in an office where your boss, who you think is a jerk, needs your help to finish his projects.

A few months into my often twice-weekly trips to Top Taste, I asked Sammy how he made his jerk chicken.

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She sat straight up in bed, and jerked her hands to her head, and screamed long and terribly.

"Here's my authority, yuh blasted runt," he yelled, and jerked his six-shooter to a level with the policeman's breast.

It took twenty Eskimos to hold it when allowed full play, and even these it jerked about in a manner that highly diverted them.

My hand flew to mine as I jerked the dun up short, but I wasn't fast enough—and Hicks was too close.

From the moment that they jerked up their horses at MacRae's call, I had an odd sense of impending trouble.