Jerkily [adverb]

Definition of Jerkily:


Opposite/Antonyms of Jerkily:

Sentence/Example of Jerkily:

Inspired by octopuses, these squishy robots can twist and turn past obstacles that may prove impossible for jerky, stiff metal ones like those portrayed in the likes of Terminator or Star Wars.

A combi oven can mimic sous vide one minute, dehydrate beef jerky the next, and handle tasks as disparate as proofing bread and roasting meats.

The jerky roller-coaster ride has meant making cancellations, juggling multiple roles and sacrificing normalcy.

He was known for his quirky — some might say jerky — sense of humor, which was on full display in his will.

Chris wasn’t a big guy — he was built like lean jerky — so he usually sat wedged between two of us in the back seat.

He saw the water carrier enter through the bamboo gate, heard the water slosh about jerkily as the bheestee emptied his goatskin.

She saw a noiseless lizard slide jerkily across a patch of moonshine and dissolve into the purple shadow beyond.

When Ben Ruby came to, he beheld a ceiling which moved jerkily to and fro and stared lazily at it, wondering what it was.

She watched the home train come jerkily to a standstill, and her train approach it on another track.

It seemed impossible, but there we were, going jerkily along, much faster than any horse could run.