Jerking [noun]

Definition of Jerking:

foolish person

Synonyms of Jerking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jerking:


Sentence/Example of Jerking:

Carefully tuned acceleration won’t jerk the rider around as much as it would in a car, while a second sensor at the rear keeps a lookout for autos entering the bike’s blindspots.

She married him about five years ago, once my youngest sibling was out of the house, and all of us kids objected silently because he is such an obvious jerk and treats her like a servant.

I miss Sammy’s jerk chicken like I’ve never missed food before.

Now, I feel pangs of sadness thinking about Sammy and Melenda and the plate of jerk chicken and rice and peas I could be eating 3,000 miles away.

When I moved to the city after leaving college, I made it a point to seek out jerk chicken whenever and wherever I could, always comparing it to the meat that came off Sammy’s grill.

I thought I had made good, but here they were jerking the floor out from under me, and I couldn't make any sense out of it.

Behind him, a lobby lounger moved over to the elevator boy, jerking his chin in Wilson Lamb's direction as he asked a question.

"I jest wanted to ask if you found anything up there," said Bill, jerking his thumb toward the road over which he had just ridden.

“Brook makes a pool sometimes down yander,” he replied, jerking his thumb.

"He's the feller hired to fight," observed the shadowy Billy, jerking his thumb backward.