Jettisoned [verb]

Definition of Jettisoned:

eject; throw overboard

Synonyms of Jettisoned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jettisoned:

Sentence/Example of Jettisoned:

"We'll jettison what freight proves an embarrassment," this astute individual advised.

No occasion to jettison any of our cargo yet, however useless it may be.

He unclamped his safety harness and stumbled to the jettison bin, holding a hand over his mouth.

And if the swell got too strong for her we had to jettison the top tiers of cotton balespitch em overboard, you see.

You could drink a fifth, jettison the bottle through the trash lock, and sober up before you were needed again.

Mitchington, thoroughly taken aback by this candid statement, was at a loss for words, and again he glanced at Jettison.

Mitchington, who felt a curious uneasiness, gave Jettison another glance.

And while Jettison merely nodded comprehendingly, Mitchington put his thoughts into words.

The two men went away through the midnight streets, and kept silence until they were near the door of Jettison's hotel.

"I said last night that the young man was playing a deep game," replied Jettison.