Jeweled [adjective]

Definition of Jeweled:

fancily decorated

Opposite/Antonyms of Jeweled:

Sentence/Example of Jeweled:

Before Tyson took over in 2001, the Waterloo slaughterhouse was one of the crown jewels of IBP, which had come to town about a decade earlier promising 1,500 jobs for the struggling city.

Jack Stuef announced in a Medium post that he is the person who claimed the 42-pound bronze chest — brimming with gold, precious jewels, diamonds and other artifacts.

Relentlessly pursued by a detective named Ganimard, Lupin is captured stealing a woman's jewels on board a ship.

The downfall of these onetime crown jewels of retail will have meaningful impacts on the Americans who work for them and the communities they’ve long called home.

The 40-mile Teton Crest Trail is the crown jewel of the park, though there’s no shortage of single- and multi-night treks if you know where to look.

Suddenly she stamps one little foot savagely under the table, and, clenching her jeweled hands, breathes heavily.

It jeweled the grass of the table land and sparkled amid the green of the conifers along Ripple Creek.

She was toying with her jeweled fan, and looking away as carelessly as if she had forgotten his existence.

She wore a gown of gray gauze with bands of beaded and jeweled fringe at corsage and knees.

It showed up with startling vividness against the jeweled sable of the void.