Jewelry [noun]

Definition of Jewelry:

precious stones, metals worn as decoration

Synonyms of Jewelry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jewelry:

Sentence/Example of Jewelry:

There is also insurance for specific items such as jewelry, art, and computers.

The company’s founder, a film producer, is facing claims that he misappropriated money raised in the offering to buy a Ferrari, a million-dollar home, diamond jewelry and other luxury goods.

Tiffany offered a rare opportunity to gain a major brand in the jewelry market, which remains largely splintered among artisanal manufacturers, while other global names like Richemont’s Cartier are already owned by competitors.

It’s a truly unique and beautifully curated home decor, jewelry, and gift shop.

Over the course of a few years, PremiumRetailWebsite, an online store for jewelry, has developed from a sideshow to the main sales channel, outperforming the brick and mortar showrooms it was supposed to merely support.

He notes that Neandertals made jewelry out of eagle talons around 130,000 years ago.

The safe in my study was forced open, and three thousand francs and some valuable jewelry were stolen.

She was dressed in her brightest skirt and fairly shone with the abundance of cheap jewelry she wore.

A conspicuous traveling dress is in very bad taste, and jewelry or ornaments of any kind are entirely out of place.

Above all, never wear jewelry, (unless it be your watch,) or flowers; they are both in excessively bad taste.