Jewels [noun]

Definition of Jewels:

precious stone

Synonyms of Jewels:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jewels:


Sentence/Example of Jewels:

And she would be wearing some of the jewels with the white dress—just a few, not many, of course.

He accuses the latter of various illegal and crafty acts, among them sending contraband gold and jewels to Mexico.

He thought they looked hard as two blue and shining jewels under their painted brows.

Mrs. Towne has every thing so delicious, Sue was rattling on; such perfumes and such silks and such jewels.

I take iowell (with a bar through the ll) to be the usual (Northern) contraction for Iowellis, jewels; F. text, joiau, pl.

The table was set with Georgian silver and decorated daintily with flowers, while several of the women wore splendid jewels.

She sat opposite him at dinner richly dressed, her jewels and smiles alike dazzling: but the smiles were not turned on him.

He also showed her pieces of yellow amber in which insects more brilliant than jewels had been imprisoned for thousands of years.

Her diamonds worn that night may be valued at 150,000l sterling, and many splendid jewels remained behind in the strong box.

He liked to adorn her with jewels, to see her dance, and to tell her what sport he had had with his dogs and his falcons.