Jibe [verb]

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The new temperature measurement “jibes really well” with what astronomers expected, says Martine Lokken.

This jibes with the scientific observation that people are willing to accept more risk when they are already in a stressful situation.

Jornet is competent, even exceptional, on steep rock and ice, but those kinds of routes don’t jibe as well with his type of uphill endurance.

That means much of the original scaffolding of the institution — parts of which are still in place today — doesn’t jibe with more modern expectations for the service to turn a profit.

Earlier in the day, a top public health official in his administration said something that doesn’t jibe with that.

He added, with an unfeeling jibe, that he wouldn't like the reading of the letter himself.

We would jibe one another, laugh at a fellow to his chagrin, and when we were angry bawl each other out unmercifully.

The fingerprints taken by the expert in the library might and might not jibe with those taken in the slot-booth.

So, when they see a man drunk, and scarcely capable of looking after himself, they begin to jibe him.

Voltaire was not the man to enjoy a jibe at his own expense.