Jigged [verb]

Definition of Jigged:

bounce up and down

Synonyms of Jigged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jigged:



Sentence/Example of Jigged:

Robert jigged and skipped in front of her, almost singing his words.

The wet clothes flapped in her face as she pegged them; danced and jigged on the line, bulged out and twisted.

But the crowd still surged, the maskers still jigged and frisked unweariedly.

The men at the brakes of old Hecla pumped till the tub jigged on her trucks like a fantastic dancer.

His hands were big, knotted, and tremulous, and his eyes not unlike those of a new-jigged codfish.

Well, Corbie's Happy Dance was as gay as both together, when he jigged in the dooryard to the tune of his own merry chatter.

So, even while Michael jigged at his vigil, Nurse was arming the dining-room table for an encounter with greatness.

They climbed by winding trails through narrow cañons where the heat-waves jigged endlessly among the naked rocks.

Paddy jigged around the kid in a half-circle with his sleeve flapping and then flopped into a chair when the record stopped.

Two friends were grasping the garment by the front and back, and the wearer was being energetically jigged and shaken into it.