Jiggered [verb]

Definition of Jiggered:

bounce up and down

Synonyms of Jiggered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jiggered:



Sentence/Example of Jiggered:

There’s also the evolution of fronts such as the tite front, and the mint front, and the 2-4-5 which is nickel defensive backs behind a jiggered front that just has two true interior defensive linemen.

Then he came slowly up, and ‘jiggered’ savagely at the line.

The music man—his name was Neil Cornish—threw up his chin in a boyish fashion, and said he'd be jiggered if he knew.

There's a torpedo craft of sorts away to the nor'-east, and I'm jiggered if I don't think she's chasing us.

Ill be jiggered if I can see how there could be any connection between those scamps and that wild man with the hairy hide.

The constable poked his head in and said, Well, Ill be jiggered!

You may be jiggered as much as you like—but must you go to London?

So he was not "jiggered" (whatever that may be), as he refused to enter the room again.

"Well, I'm jiggered," Mr. Garratt answered, after a moment's hesitation.

But yest'day I'm jiggered if I didn't see him mendin' his pasture fence.