Jilted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Jilted:

Phœbe Chiffinch, I am glad to add, was jilted by her uninteresting lover, who little knew what a fortune he was slighting.

Suppose you have been jilted in a way which wounds your vanity.

He had loved a young lady, and had been accepted;—and then the young lady had jilted him.

Edward, in some fashion that was never made quite clear to me, had previously jilted both the sisters.

But he brought back no such appearance, and, seeing him after an interval, she was struck afresh with his jilted and wasted air.

The eyelet suddenly splits into an outlet, and the jilted maiden, cast off by her sisters, collapses upon the floor.

The second magnitude—250 to 299 pounds—includes "jilted beauty" mezzo-sopranos and "hated rival" baritones.

She to her life of slavery, you as a mark for the finger of scorn to point at, a jilted man!

It was perfectly natural that he should stage his first love-affair, and when he was jilted that he should dramatize his despair.

She had jilted the unlucky youth and sent him in utter recklessness on his intentionally suicidal ascent.