Jimmied [verb]

Definition of Jimmied:

pry open

Synonyms of Jimmied:






Opposite/Antonyms of Jimmied:


Sentence/Example of Jimmied:

Why he did that, instead of walking around on the shore, Jimmy Rabbit couldn't understand.

Then Jimmy remembered suddenly that he had to meet Grandfather Mole over there.

And Jimmy thought that if he must wait for him again he would wait in a pleasant place.

"Farmer Green sometimes places scarecrows in the cornfield," Jimmy Rabbit remarked.

And Jimmy, although there is not much money in the family—about twenty thousand a year—would be a very good match.

Jimmy's papa has about a hundred horses, as many cows, and a great many hundred sheep.

Jimmy says he knows a man who is going to shoot the pig at sight next time.

Jimmy says the chimney-sweep was doing bayonet exercises with his brush at Faithful and working his black face at him.

Jimmy says the beads of perspiration stood on the chimney-sweep's face like ink.

Jimmy says the pig just turned on its heel and walked round the garden sampling things and inquiring into them.