Jingled [verb]

Definition of Jingled:

make metallic clinking noise

Synonyms of Jingled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jingled:


Sentence/Example of Jingled:

Each time Gertrude’s snout found a treat in a researcher’s hand, a musical jingle sounded.

It starred the company’s CEO, standing in a field and singing a jingle he wrote.

Every few days we essentially recycle ourselves, reminiscent of an old advertising jingle for milk, “There’s a new you coming every day!”

At a young age, we performed living room talent shows to the commercial jingles, incorporated plastic drive-thru toys into our play, and had birthday parties in McDonald’s side lobbies.

The concept had been notoriously difficult, so her teacher assigned a remix to the accompanying jingle to be presented in class the next day.

Garnache took the proffered chair, and sank down with creak and jingle to warm himself at the fire.

Then he heard the sudden jingle of a bit, and presently a horse and rider climbed into view against the pure sky.

A moment later we, too, heard the sound; it was the jingle of approaching sleigh-bells.

Presently the jingle of harness sounded behind me, and the guns went by to take up a position on the left.

According to Skeat jingle, “a frequentative verb from the base jink,” is allied to chink, and chink is “an imitative word”.