Jingo [noun]

Definition of Jingo:

a warlike person

Synonyms of Jingo:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jingo:


Sentence/Example of Jingo:

There's the coach, by Jingo, three bays and a grey—no chance of the box—is this a hat?

By the Living Jingo, sir, that was a lucky thought of yours to order us to board this ship first!

Motteux, in his “Rabelais,” is the first to use “by jingo,” translating par dieu.

Without being an offensive and blatant Jingo, I think he is content to be an American.

In fact, Long Cecil had accentuated what is known in vulgar parlance as the Jingo spirit.

Jingo, if we don't have a cruise worth talking about, well—well, my name ain't Dicky.

No wonder that the usually dashing Dick clutched firmly to the side of the cab and uttered a breathless "Jingo!"

Indeed the veriest "jingo" could scarcely show himself self-sacrificing and altruistic.

How steady those sojers stood, by jingo, as though they were on parade!

By jingo, you sigh as though they had despoiled you of the towers of Notre-Dame.