Jitney [noun]

Definition of Jitney:

car for hire

Synonyms of Jitney:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jitney:


Sentence/Example of Jitney:

I never enjoyed meeting anyone so much before as that jitney man.

Finally the truck halted, and the jitney traveled on a few hundred feet in advance before it, too, had to stop.

I am starting a jitney-line and am always on hand for my clients.

Dad says I have to be sixteen before I can have a license to drive a jitney.

The jitney struck its bone-shaking gait along the curving street of Endicutt.

An army truck may bring them, or it may be they have a battered jitney to move them and their scanty outfits.

But when the Chinaman said that he was going to buy a jitney for the miners, poor Hackett had to give in.

Norma dropped her trowel and fork and raced after Belle to the gate to watch the private jitney go past.

Presently a man alighted from a taxicab, or rather, one of the towns few jitney cars, and entered the tea room.

Its probably a garage dating from the stone age when the early inhabitants used the dinosaur as a jitney!