Jobbed [verb]

Definition of Jobbed:

contract out work

Synonyms of Jobbed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jobbed:


Sentence/Example of Jobbed:

They have jobbed public works and pocketed a "rake-off" on all municipal supplies.

In my room—a fair, yellow-haired woman; she jobbed at me with the knife twice over.

The mace was shortened and the handle jobbed down once upon the bare flaxen head.

I took this job and jobbed it out—Mr. Surrey jobbed it out to Johnson, and let Johnson run it.

Its ministry had been jobbed, its character defiled, by unscrupulous politicians.

Some folks' chillun took sticks and jobbed (jabbed) you all while you wuz bein' beat.

The fact is, he had been originally jobbed out by the day, and he never quite got over his old habits.

It was generally admitted that the Government grants were jobbed and misappropriated to a scandalous extent.

The great Duke himself was a dandy once, and jobbed on, as Marlborough did before him.

He was a regular race-goer and himself owned several hacks which he either rode himself or jobbed out.