Jobbers [noun]

Definition of Jobbers:

person who sells goods

Synonyms of Jobbers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jobbers:

Sentence/Example of Jobbers:

The jobber takes into consideration the facts he has been able to learn concerning the book, and places an order accordingly.

Another important part of the jobber's business is the supplying of public libraries and similar institutions.

The man who struck the fiercest, that sullen convict with the lowering brow, was our stock-jobber, John Dillaway.

Do you remember them, the supposititious nieces, aiders and abetters290 in our stock-jobber's forged will?

It is oftentimes of vital importance to a small jobber to be able to make up a carload of miscellaneous packages.

Why, an ass, or a plough-jobber, shall sooner gain it than a wise man.

For the sum which they demanded was so large that no ordinary jobber could safely be entrusted with the care of their interests.

Bought of a Mr. Hopkins, a great tallow-chandler, or some stock-jobber about to make a new flight from a Lodge to a Park.

Once I was examining a herd of cattle at a station and a horse-jobber fell under the engine, and his foot was cut off.

From the jobber, cheese usually goes to the wholesale grocer and then to the retail dealer and finally the consumer.