Jobbery [noun]

Definition of Jobbery:


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Sentence/Example of Jobbery:

Did Dora's father bring his 'deals' and stock-jobbery home, and expect Dora and her mother to feel an interest in them?

There was a strong push made to get one laid down in Broadway, and corporation jobbery had nearly succeeded.

The Civil Service, it is almost needless to say, was a sanctuary of aristocratic jobbery.

He intimated that there was jobbery in some of the enthusiasm for the annexation.

He is not in the least amused by jobbery, by bad service, by broken pledges.

The jobbery of the official party disgusted all earnest and unselfish minds amongst the youth of Ireland.

Here a wall is raised against incompetence, and against the jobbery under which incompetence would profit.

However, behind all the caprice and presumable jobbery, we can not help fancying that we see a certain equitable principle.

At its worst it is jobbery; at its best a lame compromise between an unit of area and an unit of value.

Let us oppose it as a scheme of jobbery, devised with a view to the establishment of offices and appointments.