Jobs [noun]

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They can, and they will, vote themselves and their friends or adherents into the good jobs and the high places.

The part-time musicians had disappeared for a few hours of sleep before their usual jobs.

"I changed paint jobs for him according to instructions," Burkey explained.

It was in this room that Delancy's get-away car had changed paint jobs, and in about ten minutes.

We would need five weeks of full production—and we couldn't possibly give it full production; we had other jobs, too.

We switched paint jobs at Burkey's station, see, and rolling into town that dame you sent to ride with us switched on the radio.

They also took it upon themselves to abolish approximately one-third of the local jobs created by the Underwood Constitution.

"And there are so many little odd jobs, in a house full of children," she had added, with a sigh.

In practically all crimes attempted by scientists they bungle their jobs completely.

He had set up and printed off two little jobs for farmers in that printing-office—horse bills—and took the money, four dollars.