Jock [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Jock:

"Doubtless you are very well off, Mr. Jock," Pauline continued, and this time the sneer in her voice was hardly veiled.

And then, speaking rather suddenly, "You seem to have a very good memory, Mr. Jock Jacques."

I'm no gaun to hurt you; but I'm gaun to tak' Black Jock oot o' your clutches as shair as daith.

Black Jock saw Mag Robertson's eyes staring at him, as he hurried over the moor.

By and by a village worthy came in, and he was at once hailed by Black Jock, and invited to have a glass.

Jock spent his money freely, and his company drank his health as freely as he paid for the drinks.

Going to hang the Indian sign on them with a silver doctor and a Jock Scott.

And 'round and 'round the empty market-place raced the frantic little terrier in search of Auld Jock.

From the bairnie's soft cosseting he aye fled to Auld Jock and the rough hospitality of the sheep fold.

And he discovered that, unless he hung close to Auld Jock's heels, his freedom was in danger from a wee lassie who adored him.