Jockeying [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Jockeying:

He never threw away an inch, and his way of stealing foot by foot was worthy of any jockey.

It was not a pad saddle such as jockey's ride, nor yet a civilian outfit without horn and only one web.

Still we raced on, neck and neck, she riding with hands low and weight slightly forward, workmanlike as a jockey.

He drew out his flute and began to play "Jockey to the Fair" in the style of a man who had never known moment's sorrow.

He gave himself a boyhood as a jockey and also enlisted fictionally in the Spanish American war.

Oh, that half-jockey, half-bruiser countenance, I never forgot it!

Could it be true, or was it only a cunning invention of Impudent Jack the jockey's?

Club life is, as might be supposed, a distinctive feature, and the Jockey Club (entrance 300) is a triumph of luxury.

Of course Garrison had been to the dogs during the past year—what down-and-out jockey has not gone there?

There's ma owd woman grummles if shoo's to come for ma to t' Horse and Jockey, and that's half a mile from my home.