Jogged [verb]

Definition of Jogged:

activate, push

Synonyms of Jogged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jogged:

Sentence/Example of Jogged:

Our talk ranged from the Panhandle to the Canada line, while our horses jogged steadily southward.

So I fell back on the simple methods of the plainsman and Indian and jogged along on their trail.

The vans were similar to the stage-coaches, but much larger and clumsier, and jogged along at a very easy pace.

He meant to pour a drop or two, but the man behind him jogged his arm, and half the acid in the bottle fell upon Walker's dust.

My stern companion jogged along On a brown old cob both broad and strong.

We kept the foresail and the jib set, and jogged on, doubling amid the ice.

I did so, perplexed, and a trifle sulky, and for a while we jogged on in silence.

The old man turned in his saddle and jogged along facing the fellow, and some distance was covered before either of them spoke.

Hank and me jogged on to where the west road come into the other trail, an' turned back along that course.

Willard jogged nearer, and dismounted, and a youth summoned by MacGonigal took charge of the mustang.