Joins [verb]

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“We would have to do a lot of joins and negotiate a lot of complicated business logic, which would have caused high latency,” Gupta says.

In any case, the Kegelhelm was soon discontinued in favor of the renowned Corinthian Helmet, because of its inherent weakness in design relating to the joins by which the aforementioned pieces were attached to the main conical cap.

If you have any thoughts of influencing me or my men to join the regular Confederate army, you may as well give up the idea.

The children possessed themselves of the tent, and Mrs. Pontellier went over to join them.

The rebellion spread to their district, and many of the natives on and about the estate were eager to join in the movement.

She would not join the groups in their sports and bouts, but intoxicated with her newly conquered power, she swam out alone.

He was yet ten miles away, and it would be impossible for him to join Guitar before morning.

Shouting to his two plucky assistants to come back, Frank called out to Chumru and bade him join them.

By questioning, Lawrence found all of these parties had orders to join Porter at or near Paris.

A consultation was held, and it was the unanimous opinion that they should keep on and join McNeil, if they could.